Consumer Electronics Show

Interested in a smart refrigerator that talks and keeps track of UR food — and UR diet?

Interested in the new VR?

Interested in the latest in digital fitness & health?

Let’s take a quick peek at what’s arriving today — and tomorrow

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Is Gene Editing Ready for Prime Time?

It is no understatement or overstatement to say that gene editing is affordable. Depending on your point of view, playing god-of-the-genes is either here and ready-to-roll-out full on, or you’re skeptical of the science and the intent-behind-the-science. Which is it? It’s time to decide

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Under Armour Making Moves in #DigitalFitness

As the digital fitness space expands with fast-moving numbers worldwide, the players jockey for position and race favorites invest big time for market share, brand awareness — and your data
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IoT (Do you know about the IoT?)

An Internet of Things Always On

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Venture On!

This is just the beginning…
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Fitness Apps — Check the Choices

(September 2014)

Exercise, track your running, cycling, walking… challenge friends, receive motivational support, analyze your results


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IoT/IoE (Tag – You’re It, the NextGen Net)

As 2014’s IoT/Internet of Things comes to a close and we welcome 2015, let’s take a quick look at the fast arriving IoE/Internet of Everything…

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Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality, Wearable Tech, Theater-of-the-Future, Immersive Experience

Is the ‘Next Big Thing’ Illusion & Immersive Reality?

It’s VR Time…Quick Look!

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Sensors & Sports, Going Worldwide

(Oct 2014/Updated Nov) Sensor devices, microchips and GPS show off how they can bring value to the athletic field — and the home entertainment screen

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Your DigiBod


(Updated Nov 2014) From the nexus of tech, Silicon Valley, comes this headline — Computerizing People Next Step — AI preps in the wings ready to enter for a featured spotlight role — e-Tats and e-Tattoos too
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Fit vs HealthKit, Band vs Jawbone vs Fitbit vs All the ‘DigiWrist’ Wearables

(Updated Nov 2014) Wearables competition heats up for the wrist space

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Microsoft v Google & Apple: General Nadella: “Mobile & Cloud for everyone & every device”

(Updated November 2014) The third CEO of Microsoft highlights an upcoming battle that will be waged with mobile/cloud connectivity
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DigiBody @Digibod.com









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