For those who are needle averse, Tasso Inc has a bio-medical device solution scheduled to come to market in 2016

From the formal description:
The HEMOLINK is a product and service related to Apparatus for blood analysis; Apparatus for taking blood; Apparatus for taking blood samples; Blood collection kit comprised of blood collection bag, holder for medical sample tubes and vials, and medical sample tubes and vials; Blood component separation apparatus for medical purposes; Blood containers for medical purposes; Blood drawing apparatus; Blood glucose meter; Blood pressure and diabetic diagnostic medical devices; Blood testing apparatus; Blood testing apparatus, namely, blood collecting tubes; Blood testing apparatus, namely, blood sampling tubes; Capillary tubes for blood; Devices for measuring blood sugar for medical purposes; Devices for monitoring blood glucose for medical purposes.

For the feint of heart who have a tendency to faint or grow ‘weezy’ when needles are involved, the HemoLink device presents a needle-free sampling — a comfortable and non-invasive technique





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