IoT/IoE (Tag – You’re It, the NextGen Net)

As 2014’s IoT/Internet of Things comes to a close and we welcome 2015, let’s take a quick look at the fast arriving IoE/Internet of Everything…

Powering up digital sports   Last year’s 2018 world League of Legends championship drew nearly 100 million viewers, nearing this year’s US Super Bowl  

Your DigiBod

(Updated Nov 2014) From the nexus of tech, Silicon Valley, comes this headline — Computerizing People Next Step — AI preps in the wings ready to enter for a featured spotlight role — e-Tats and e-Tattoos too

DigiBody Highlights

ESports Going Worldwide #gaming #videogamers #esports #digisports     Visit DigiBody @ M Channel     We helped AliveCor, AliveCor helped us AliveCor is helping hearts beat …           The World Wide Web is “only 25 years old”  Twenty-five years ago today, Tim Berners-Lee unleashed the World Wide Web, publishing the first […]