(June 2014 – Updated Sept 2014) Smartphones for 5 billion plus, next challenge


Sept 2014

As Apple announces iPhone 6, iOS 8 and the Apple Watch (and Apple Pay, HealthKit links, HomeKit hub, and altogether looks to position Apple at the core of IoT), Google continues ‘going global’ with price points and open-source competitive advantage.

Android One – Google back in the OS drivers seat

Android One in India, price point approx. $100 USD

‘Rich smartphone experience’ on low-cost devices

Android One and the developing world

Android One – India Gets It

Android One goes to India


June 2014

Google announces Android One, an all-in-one platform with an under $100 price. Google’s goal? To reach and connect globally, beyond ‘first world’ economies, delivering #nextgen smartphones to every region, community, individual — further developing a world wide web of mobile commerce, media/messaging — and all things on the Google platform.

For the new generation of low-cost, mobile ‘smart’ devices, Google will provide affordable “reference designs”,  i.e., specifications and an engineered Android mobile platform for mfrs to utilize the Google software OS to design and deliver #nextgenGoogle mobile…


Announced at Google Dev I/O



Published on : Jun 27, 2014

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