Apple aims to dominate the #mHealth/#mFitness market

The Apple Watch is poised to be a turning point in ‘iConnecting’…

At Digibody, we  continue to question the details and plans for Apple’s Watch as a new ‘companion device.’  We believe the Apple Watch is more of a ‘digital companion’, a ‘wrist link‘ as we think of it. The watch’s sensors are a vital link (literally collecting ‘vitals’) and a sensor ‘hub’ in the Apple Health/HealthKit system. Yet little was revealed at the Sept 9th big announcement of the Watch, iPhone 6 and iOS 8 about the Apple Health/HealthKit connection.

Tim Cook / Update: May 2016: Via MedCity

“…the holy grail of the watch is being able to monitor more and more of what’s going on in the body… It’s not technologically possible to do it today to the extent that we can imagine, but it will be.”

“The things that interest us the most are things where we can bring our ability to integrate hardware, software, services into something that’s magical, and enriches people in some way. If you look at some of the things that do not drive revenue, but have massive interest in them from our teams, health is very much one of those… We’ve done some things with the Apple Watch to encourage activity, but we’ve also gotten interested in research, and launched ResearchKit.”

“We believe that health is something that is a huge problem in the world, and we think it is ripe for simplicity and a new view, and we’d like to contribute to that.”

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