Rise of the Machines, Say Hi to AI

China v US … Global competition heats up in AI technologies … AI … smart robotics … e-com … big data … digital payments … distance conferencing … renewable energy – EVs – autonomous vehicles … digital health – wearable health monitors … 3D manufacturing … voice apps … online learning

Superhumans vs. ‘Regulars’

Stephen Hawkings says it’ll be super rich ‘superhumans’ versus ‘regular humans’ In his final scientific papers project a vision of humanity’s future DigiBody looks at a fast arriving future of custom and ‘off-the-shelf’ bio-products and extra ++ add-ons/add-ins and implants… And if you can afford an add-on, or two or three, maybe you can be… […]

Robot Pay UR Taxes

47% of Jobs Will Disappear in the Next 25 Years Robots Will Replace Two-Thirds of Workers Bill Gates Says Robots Should Pay Taxes If They Take Your Job Mark Cuban Says Robots Will Cause Unemployment — and We Need to Prepare for It It’s not my fault, human thingy