From one of our favorite #DigitalHealth experts — Dr. Berci Mesko

Via the Medical Futurist

The most impressive innovations at CES 2018

1) Omron’s blood pressure smartwatch

Not only has Japanese tech company, Omron displayed its artificial intelligence-based table-tennis robot, Forpheus, at CES, it also introduced an amazing innovation in healthcare. The realization of the Omron Heartguide blood pressure smartwatch would actually mean the end of the outdated blood pressure cuffs and traditional measurement. That would be huge!

Although it’s still undergoing clinical tests and should be submitted to the FDA later this year, the Heartguide holds great promise. The extra-strong band of the smartwatch allows users to take a medical-grade measurement, which syncs with Omron’s phone app. It could also be programmed to take night readings to test for hypertension and risk of stroke while sleeping.

This could be a game changer.