(July 2013 – updated Sept 2014) Clothing, sensors and performance

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The smart clothing category has moved forward since 2013. Take a glance at some of the standout movers!

Haptic ‘super shoes

Get directions from your shoes! Watch the video for directions ;-

Apple wearable fashion

The NuMetrex line of stretchy textile sensors with “smart threads”. Adidas heart monitoring bra.

LuluLemon’s ‘smart’ sports bras with built-in sensors have been around since late 2012.

How about ‘smart socks’?

Sensoria_Fitness_sock system

Sensoria has ‘smart’ fitness socks and a tech-forward workout combo with anklet, charger and ‘guiding’ app. The socks include pressure sensors in the fabric that can tell in real time if a runner has proper technique. Ankle cuffs on the socks turn it into a complete system for measuring walks and runs.

Sensoria’s line goes beyond socks and sock systems —
Sensorial Fitness

Or perchance you’re looking for more style? How about Athos ‘smart’ clothing… with compression shirts, shorts and women’s capris with embedded electromyography sensors that go beyond heart rate to capture more detailed data about how your muscles and lungs are performing.

Or bump up a brand notch and go Polo.

Ralph Lauren’s ‘smart’ Polo shirt launched at the start of the 2014 U.S. Open features silver-based thread sensors knitted into the fabric of an iconic shirt that reads heart rate, breathing, and stress levels. Lauren’s partner is OM Signals, a front-of-market trend setter in wearable tech clothing.

Get with the trend, try a little ‘smart’ touch.

My clothes and accessories know me well….

Spire, a “mini yogi” device — 7-axes of streaming data, and wireless charging, in a tiny sealed stone

miCoach — Adidas heart-rate monitoring and exercise shirt

Netatmo — Be UV aware and sun savvy

Om Signals, clothing ‘extra-ordinary’

Hexoskin for athletes

“We live in a connected world”

Astroskin for performance monitoring



Published: June 9, 2014

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