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We helped AliveCor, AliveCor helped us

AliveCor is helping hearts beat …







The World Wide Web is “only 25 years old” 

Twenty-five years ago today, Tim Berners-Lee unleashed the World Wide Web, publishing the first public webpage.

It’s still a long way to the web reality Berners-Lee envisions.

WWW Origins-Foundation




Digibody is highlighting many exceptional developments with CRISPR technology. Let’s take a moment to consider CRISPR in extended fields of health as Florida attempts to deal with devastating crop disease.


Via Jack Payne, University of Florida’s senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources and leader of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

There’s open speculation about the end of Florida orange juice…

A disease called citrus greening threatens the demise of Florida’s iconic oranges. Production is down about two-thirds in the decade since greening arrived. Juice processing plants are closing. Groves are being abandoned.

University of Florida scientists are trying to save citrus by steam-blasting trees, killing the bugs that spread greening, and using technology to breed a disease-proof tree.

Dr. Nian Wang is one of hundreds of UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences employees working on greening.

He believes he has a promising response to greening through a new gene editing technique called CRISPR. By tricking a fruit into sending itself instructions to snip out the gene sequences that program it to welcome disease into its cells, Wang believes he’s getting close to hitting a genetic off switch.







DigiMed Future Tech

Will The Medical Tricorder From Star Trek Become Real?


Analyzing disease instantly: the medical tricorder has been one of the most exciting futuristic technologies in medicine since Star Trek

Envision nextgen personal vital sign scanners, analysis & diagnosis


Medical tech trends_2014-2016





When Tim Cook gets serious, we listen:

Via MedCity

“…the holy grail of the watch is being able to monitor more and more of what’s going on in the body… It’s not technologically possible to do it today to the extent that we can imagine, but it will be.”

“The things that interest us the most are things where we can bring our ability to integrate hardware, software, services into something that’s magical, and enriches people in some way. If you look at some of the things that do not drive revenue, but have massive interest in them from our teams, health is very much one of those… We’ve done some things with the Apple Watch to encourage activity, but we’ve also gotten interested in research, and launched ResearchKit.”

“We believe that health is something that is a huge problem in the world, and we think it is ripe for simplicity and a new view, and we’d like to contribute to that.”

Tim restates what we wrote about last September, that the business plan of the Apple Watch is to position it, step-by-step, app-by-app, as the best-in-industry health/digifitness device.

Competitors attempting to compete with Apple watch’s digihealth apps:

Fitbit adds payment capabilities

Pebble adds heart rate tracking

AliveCor (which we at DigiBody are testing) announces a Smart Watch/EKG collaboration with Apple




Going, going mobile …

How many human-mobile connections?

Wireless tablets, smartphones and not-so-smart phones are multiplying five times faster than we are, with our population growing at a rate of about two people per second, or 1.2% annually.

“No other technology has impacted us like the mobile phone. It’s the fastest growing man-made phenomenon ever” — 7.7 billion as of May 2016 …

Mobile Evo

Mobile subscriptions outnumber world population_did u know


Mobile Devices Worldwide ‘Real-time Tracker’





Frontlines of NextGen Medicine

DigBody supports ‘Dr. Bert’ and his Medical Futurist work …


Thanks ‘Mommy’… my temperatures fine and that thing feels cool !


Sleep w mHealth tips





VR from the Consumer Electronics Show


CES_VR 2016 Wrap up

CES_2016 VR wrap up_Google News w links



December 2015

This month we’ll be extending our vision of digital-body news of genetic developments, gene editing, gene storage, genes and aging, genes and ethics. We’ve been following advances in gene research, therapies, modifications and the outer edges of what medicine has in the works. Visit DigiBody in the coming weeks for more and get ready for 2016 — it’s almost time to welcome in the new year!



November 2015

Artificial Intel – a worldwide market scan via Venture Scanner

AI co's_circa2015 AI venture invest by categ AI_Worldwide review_2015 AI venture funding_public-funding-data_2015 AI innovation_by-category_2015 AI 'maturity' level by categ



October 2015




September 2015




August 2015

Java Printing
Venture funding of digital health companies surpassed $4B in 2014, nearly equivalent to the prior three years (2011-2013) combined

Digital Health Funding 



July 2015

First-of-month reminder: Link up with Your Favorite Sites




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June 2015

New Realities / Augmented, Immersive, Virtual


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May 2015

Ex Machina_2





Not to Worry

Ex Machina, the movie, the digibody questions

Ex Machina, award-time

Ex Machina, New Yorker pov

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Going Virtual


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April 2015




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March 2015

Tech news, business/finance/venture capital news all have announced the coming of Virtual Reality. The stories inevitably have been illustrated with gaming images but VR is much more than a next generation of gaming technology. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, at core, are ‘digibody’ technologies, the digital enhancing of the body’s senses.

As the long-anticipated reality of VR draws closer to a first round of real-time market launches, we begin to take a closer look at sensory experiences, extended… Seeing, hearing, touching and feeling… cognitive realizations and cognitive shifts… the VR/AR era is about to go 1.0… Welcome to e-body extensions, welcome to extending your senses via digital systems.

February 2015

More all around but let’s focus a bit more on the #IoT and #IoE thread

As we describe implanted-in-human RFID’s as taking a “chip too far”

In a market that will flash by a Trillion in a global-market-nano-second

IoT to IoE


January 2015

We’ve been focusing on the Internet of Things and the (soon-to-be) Internet of Everything. Not the most elegant phrases to describe the nextgen Internet, but perhaps the hashtags #IoT (and soon-to-be) #IoE are more appropriate given the connectivity of the rapidly-evolving nextgen Net.

Anyway we look at it, it’s a quickly evolving world out there. Estimates are that one in five developers are working on IoT/IoE projects and, with our privacy concerns rising, we’re along for the next phase of the world wide web/Internet as we will soon know it.

 ! 2015 !  

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December 2014

This eco-environmental app could be very revealing — especially if you’re in Beijing!

A Kickstarter project that offers itself as the “world’s first wearable enviro-tracker”. The tiny, round tracker has sensors to keep tabs on air quality, UV sunlight, humidity, and temperature — which feed data to a companion smartphone app to quantify the environment around the wearer.

How are you — and your environment doing today? Citizen science via GreenPolicy360

Clean air app, UV testing, more

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November 2014

Time spent-mobile access to the Internet

Mobile Reality: Apps are the way to the Net, the future is ‘appening

College students utilize mobile devices to consume all their digital content and they prefer apps to websites to access information, engage with their social networks and share their opinions.”

Apps, Apple Watch and ‘apptimization’

(Behavioral design 101 — for wearables to succeed, they need to “infer and predict” not “dictate and prescribe” — BJ Fogg)

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October 2014

Are digibod wearables eventually going to become ‘Super add-ons”? Super strength. Super hearing. Super artistry. Super expression. Is the future of wearables a quest for human enhancement? Virtual augmented reality is here and now. Take a look at our latest Augmented/Virtual update and peruse some of our previous ‘super’ DigiBody stories

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Sept 2014

DigiBody highlights the new Apple Watch. We’re not focusing on its function as a watch — we’re calling it a ‘companion device’, an #iConnection, a ‘wrist link’ in the #Health/#HealthKit system — and the developing Internet as Apple looks to establish itself as a ‘hub’ and you, via iConnect applications, will be pluged-in as part of the iOS eco-system, whether #HealthKit, #HomeKit, or name your kit. (We expect the Beats headset to eventually become interactive too!)

We’re also highlighting the Apple “Taptic Engine, and it key UI functionality — Haptic ‘taptic’...

‘Haptic taptic’

Haptic tech is nextgen connection. Tap and connect. Tap and know. Tap and direct. Tap, tap, who’s there?

Apple’s taptic, invest now

Notifications on your wrist that only the user will feel and hear. Additionally, the Watch allows users to virtually “tap” each other remotely, and the device’s vibrator is specific enough to provide directional turn-by-turn guidance. PCMag says this is ‘the one’ reason to buy Watch.

Apple’s future now include a haptic turn

Worldwide Web connectivity … We are ‘global citizens’ with expanding access to #eHealth

“The number of devices online reached 12.5 billion in 2010 & will grow to 25 billion in 2015 and 50 billion by 2020.”


Body data_Williams

#BodyData #DigiBody

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July 2014

Expanding each week – List of Wearable Devices

Check out our updated ‘smart clothing’ page.

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June 2014


The news from Apple on the digital health front couldn’t be more promising of things to come. The announcement of Health and HealthKit at its worldwide developers conference sends a message that the health world is just beginning to see a long and serious move by the world’s largest digital success story. It may seem a bit of an overstatement at this moment, but things will never be the same after this week.

Apple is going to change how health is practiced and delivered as we know it.

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May 2014

With the Cult of Mac site citing a China Times insider report that Apple’s much anticipated iWatch has entered production looking toward a Fall 2014 launch, the wearable tech market moves closer to our day-to-day lives. Perhaps the most significant application will be in context of an Apple ‘Healthbook’ network, which DigiBody’s written about as potentially “game-changing.”

We hope Apple is going far beyond the usual fitness app capabilities of current wrist bands to point the way to more uses, connections, and #NextGenMed. We’re sure that the forward-looking visionaries in the medical community, like Dr. Eric Topol, will be among our first-adopters.

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April 2014

As we look out at the developing “Age of Context” where connectivity and interoperability of ‘things’ and applications bring changes to our everyday lives, we see multiple #mHealth opportunities – the range of possibilities are evident in investments and ventures and the numbers add up to a — #Digital Health Era


Matthew Holt, co-founder of Health 2.0, projects three trends in health IT:

1) data mobility: data can be shared among apps, devices and networks to reduce the need for old-fashioned, time-consuming faxes, paper medical records and redundancy in processes. Holt asserts that this is important because data is often unavailable at the point of care, with coordination gaps such as results/records not available at appointments, gaps in hospital discharge planning, and lack of review of prescriptions.
2) trackers & sensors: connected scales, blood pressure monitors, sleep trackers, and fitness watches are making it easier for patients and physicians to collect data
3) usability & design: especially for electronic medical records, the usability of EMR’s is in an extremely poor state. [courtesy of iMedicalApps]

The current health IT market categories/sectors

*self-management tools & trackers
*business-to-business clinician workflow tools
*patient-provider communication
*business-to-business administrative tools
*data utilities

2013-companies-by-technology-category [Health 2.0]

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March 2014

The “Let’s Move” Fitness Initiative proposed and led by the First Lady.


Michelle Obama is a proponent of the Fitbit it seems, both as wearable tech and a hidden ‘accessory’… The Fitbit designer remembers with a smile how his design can be sometimes hidden.

(Fitbit designer) Amit’s first meeting with the first lady of the United States bordered on awkward. The original Fitbit, which is shaped like a large pill and was initially designed for women to “clip onto their person”, was most effectively worn on the B.F.C. — as in “bra, front or center.”

“It was kind of embarrassing after it came out,” Amit says, “because at just about every social occasion I had, after I said I designed the Fitbit, a woman would do this.” Amit mimes reaching down the front of his shirt to pull out an imaginary Fitbit. “We got the National Design Award, and when I was at the White House, I started walking forward to shake the hand of the first lady, and she started doing that! And so I stop her, and I say, ‘No, no, no, don’t do that!'”


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February 2014

Lifelogging new additions for the modern dictionary — the ‘Lifelog’ / the ‘Quantifiable Self’ / the ‘Age of Context’ / the ‘Internet of Things’



Connect yourself to your Nest …


Mobile-Cloud era
The Age of Context‘… @Amazon

A contextual future as pictured by social media tech evangelist Robert Scoble. Wearable tech ‘in the cloud’ and how the cloud and you will ‘engage’, communicate and share information via Digibody devices…

NextGen lifestyles, new definitions of ‘nesting’…

Data rich age of context

Already here, it’s the age of context

The Scobleizer in Europe on the contextual web… I’m hearing rumors that Nike is about to announce a sweeping overhaul of its FuelBand line of wearable sensors/computing devices… there might be shoes and a shirt with sensors in them, too. We’ll see. Interesting to read this article and see how many patents Nike is gathering…



Five forces shaping the Age of Context:

*Mobile. Cell phones exceed people on the planet. Wearable computing is booming, data costs are dropping, and app downloads have gone wild in the billions.
*Social media. Over 1.5 billion people are on social media networks… Connections and networks are expanding, multiplying, engaging, waves changing our world.
*Data. The Internet is expanding at an exponential rate leading to the Idea of Big Data, searching, security concerns, finding what you want, when you want it.
*Sensors. Sensors in technology emulate human senses: sight, touch, and hearing and more in development with artificial intelligence. Sensors talk to us and to each other.
*Location-based services. Location is one of the most important parts of context — as is a coming world of limits, personal rights, and a ‘quantified self’. [Tech.Co]

and GeekWire, a geeky view of the near-future and an ‘API economy’


db_digibody tm

“This is the biggest shakeup in the history of medicine.”

Smartphone apps for diabetes treatment

Wave of Wearables at CES 2014

Venture On!

M Channel / #mHealth


A quick look back at 2013 highlights

More than quantifiable data, networking and connectivity in real time, we’re looking @NextGen lifestyles, fitness, medicine…

Tim Cook & Apple on wearable tech futures. Apple has top designers working away on wearables, one “famous name” was imported from Paris, quietly, the talk of “the Valley”…

Apple wearable computing...”The wrist is a natural… We’re targeting wearables,” says the successor to Steve Jobs.

A DigiBody future…

and even Trackable Shoes

Where are we going? What’s trending?

From the world of business, here’s just a touch, Forbes on wearable tech

Wearable tech business opportunities and much more. Before the opportunities come the dreams, the engineering, the prototypes, then the products for the market, the first-movers, the early-adopters, the hits and the things to come as we look out at the future…

What’s next from the big players, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Nike, and the app developers and the sectors that shape our health and our lives, #NextGenMed… what’s being thought up and being worked up with the myriads start-ups, the products to be, the business expansions, the new product lines — the waves are coming.

What’s in our collective creative and business minds for 2014?

It’s a DigiBody world.

db_digibody tm

Editor: Steven Schmidt

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