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You and Your Home and Much More…

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Internet of Things: automated homes

The Internet of Things finally became dinner table conversation (well, sort of) in 2014 thanks to Google Inc. GOOGL, -0.03%  , which helped to mainstream IoT with a $3.2 billion purchase of smart home thermostat maker Nest Labs.

Home automation will continue to attract new attention next year and big players will continue to pour money into smartening up everyday items.

Ross Rubin, principal analyst at tech consulting company Reticle Research, said that while there is still a market for managed whole-home automation from companies such as AT&T Inc. T, -0.01%   and Vivint Solar Inc. VSLR, -0.53%  , individual smart products will likely storm onto the marketplace next year — think of it like an army of puzzle pieces waiting to be snapped together.

“Smart homes get built piece by piece,” he said. “More smart home products such as connected doorbells, thermostats and lighting are being introduced as smartphone accessories.”

How about Google Nest and ADT security? With a mobile ‘smart’ extension, ‘they’ can provide security for you everywhere, right?

In passing, let’s note Google’s email services were further banished/blocked  Dec. 26  in China. Google’s central view of email content and its multi-service overview of users data in a web of Big Data, and those who have access to this Data, will undoubtedly become a more serious strategic security issue going forward.

You and Your Car

No, we’re not there yetImagine the security implications when in less than a decade, majority of cars (and their control systems) will be connected to Internet?

Here’s one smart Google car prototype that’s so ‘smart’, it doesn’t need you to operate it. Climb in, let the Force guide you.

Google self driving car_ala2015

You and Your Office

Since an average person spends about 90% of his life indoors, ambient intelligence is a major tool to improve quality-of-life…

‘Ambient intelligence’ needed?

Is this like AI?


The calculus of the Internet of Things, Internet of Everything — IoT/IoE — will be a generational game of pluses and minuses, pros and cons, costs and benefits, privacy v productivity, a set of choices and decisions on how much of yourself you’re willing to give up to get something for ‘free’ or a ‘better version’ of what you already probably have …

At this point, personally, your editor doesn’t see a Google ‘smart’ car in the future driving him anywhere and it’s a little bit ‘out there’ to envision most cars being ‘smart’ and connected to the net in the coming decade


Sensors and microchips placed anywhere and everywhere to create a collective network that connects devices and generates data… Instead of that data (your data) sitting in an information silo where it is accessible to only a few specialists, it becomes part of a Big Data “lake” (or “Cloud“) where it can be analyzed in the context of other information.

“The Internet of Things means everything will have an IP address,” says Jim Davis, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, SAS.

Software as a service follows you everywhere?


Wherever you walk, talk, shop? There IT is… You’re in the IoT & IoE


Perhaps it’s time to reflect a bit — or a few googol plex terabits and zettabytes — on whether this IoT thing is all it’s cranked up to be …

Maybe even better is an ode to old fashioned muscle cars, where you press the pedal to the metal and Go without a google dooble anything.

Maybe an old-timer mantra will do — I don’t need no computer brain telling my car how to drive — I’ll do it myself, thanks.

Here’s to 2015 !


Published December 28, 2014


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