FastCompany flashes forward to a time in the not too distant future — when you can ‘Power Up’ an improved version of you

Are you a DigiBod? Do You Want to be a DigiBody?

DigiWear and Superpowers

Super strength. Super hearing. Super artistry. Super expression.

The future of wearables is really a quest for human enhancement...


Over the past year, DigiBody has reported on a number of technologies designed and developed to enhance, extend and ‘bump up’ human capabilities, sometimes to the point of resembling a superhero in a graphic novel or comic book. Telescopic and magnifying, multi-spectra sensing contact lenses are just the start of #WearableTech meant to turn you from a normal, or less than 20/20 visioned person, into a, let’s call it, better version of yourself ;-

The range of digital bodywear intended to make you see better, hear better, feel better, run faster, lift more strongly and much more is Not SciFi anymore.

Welcome to the new age of DigiBody Superpowers.

We will be rolling out some of the more impressive models of technology meant to make you a DigiBod, starting with just a few add-ons you probably already have on your person. Location-based services anyone? You are connected, that’s a start.

DigiBody IoT

Being connected 24/7 in a coming world of an always-on interactive ‘Net’


Published: October 7, 2014