A future of imagined uses for digital systems empowering human bodies. Here we have a digi-med use — introducing Ogo, a digital+wheelchair vision

What Do You Get When You Cross a Segway With a Wheelchair? Brilliant.

Via the GoodNewsNetwork

An intuitive, hands-free wheelchair that promises new levels of freedom for paraplegics.

Called the Ogo (‘oh-go’), creators say it is smaller, lighter, and faster than any other motorized wheelchair…


The Ogo wheelchair is electric powered, and unlike the Segway, which requires the operator to lean on the handlebar to steer it; the wheelchair has been made ultra responsive to be controlled by movement of the rider’s core muscles – lean forward to accelerate, and leaning backwards to brake.



The disabled are exactly like you and me, they all need freedom and excitement in their life. And Ogo takes that to a whole new level. It will go faster, it will go more places and is smaller and lighter than just about anything else.

And the fact that you can operate it completely hands-free makes Ogo a definite game-changer. – Kevin Halsall