Success in science brings together data, imagination and, in today’s world, digital connectivity…

mHealth Networking

Today science is about networking, connections and benefits of sharing digital ‘best practices’

Our DigiBody venture will follow the rapidly expanding new dimensions of digital health care and digital fitness, digi-for-the- body,  the multiple points where software/hardware and applications enhance, extend and enable ourselves in an unprecedented, innovative era.

Welcome to a rapidly accelerating DigiBody world

Everyday #NextGenMed, #WearableTechnology and a network of linked ‘things’ an #InternetofThings, act to change our daily lives with devices, apps and tech developments.


New digitally-enabled solutions are bringing opportunities and challenges, to every hub and point within our connected digital systems and World Wide Web/Internet.

DigiBody’s focus is better, healthier living as a result of access to personalized #DigitalHealth.


We invite you to follow DigiBody as we explore the frontiers of #DigitalHealth/#mHealth/#WearableTech