#NextGenMed… Digitally Beyond the Office

The era of healthcare delivery ‘tethered’ to physical facilities is transitioning daily to mobile healthcare delivery. Beginning with the transformation of mobile networking, cloud computing and digital healthcare services, applications, devices, outreach and engagement, next generation medical/healthcare services will be delivered to cities and remote regions, anywhere, anytime 24/7/365 healthcare will be a new norm. On-call will take on a new meaning and in-person will include assessment and diagnosis via scanning to a mobile cloud and practitioner trained to deliver e-treatment and referral, follow-up and more…

‘Beyond the Office’ is #nextgenmed, a new world being created today.

The future is now…

Signs of changes to come in digital health/remote care/networking

Extending the range of doctors and medical care


Mobile-Cloud era


Seven Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is the Future of Mobile

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