Be AI. You Must Be a … DigiBody !

“… a merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence. It’s mostly about the bandwidth … the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself, particularly output.”

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Merge with the machines says Tesla CEO Elon Musk …

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How do you avoid getting made obsolete by artificial intelligence?


Go there. Be an AI. Beat them at their own game.

What about AI and AI research? Who’s out in front? The US? No, China’s out in front.

China is now the global leader in AI deep learning research

China has eclipsed the US in this key area of AI research. Read more:

Posted by World Economic Forum on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How fast can you communicate with other networked devices, aye, that is the question.

Breaking down the throughput barriers that stand in the way of that computer interacting with the technical variant could indeed help stave off human redundancy – and interestingly enough, Musk has repeatedly suggested he himself is working on neural lace technology to make this happen.