(April 2014) Re / the future of digital fitness wristbands


(September Update – Apple Watch and Nike announce running app)

Nike partnering w/ Apple?

Is there an iWatch connection? Wired’s digital news is on track

The last hurrah of FuelBand? or a midcourse pivot and new direction?

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Nike’s removal of FuelBand from the market sends a message and it’s a question…

Nike officially says not to worry, it’s not what you think it is.

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FuelBand’s adieu comes as French company, focusing on interconnectivity, moves forward.

Withings launches its international multi-play tracker.

Pulse (Withings)
pulse_activity tracker


Digibod.com’s prediction?

Nike is planning for interoperability across multiple Nike brands…

Nike brands

Our take on Nike’s decision is it’s a strategic play in the Nike suites where opportunities for fitness wearables, in the long term, are now being seen via ‘interoperability’ across multiple Nike brands.

To be ‘tethered’ to a new (soon-to-be-announced) Apple “wrist hub” / iWatch device (rather than linked to a FuelBand) makes much more sense to Nike given its range of products and brands in the sports and fitness market…

The Nike wearable story, we think, is on the road to new, upcoming link-ups and tie-ins. The Nike history is to reinvent and expand and the wearable tech connection is too strong for Nike to pass or punt…



Published on: Apr 23, 2014