The Millennial Generation continues making digital waves ~~~

The new millennium is here and with 2000 comes a digital generation who are moving from their teens to their twenties in unison with the fast moving growth of the Internet.

A generation in the US and increasingly worldwide who’ve been born knowing the digital world from their earliest memories (and who are being followed by an even younger ‘Born Digital’ generation — Gen Z

Younger than the post-war Baby Boomers and then following Gen X, the Millennials (Gen Y) are ‘natural digital citizens’, Net savvy, social media experts who are connected locally and globally. They come of age in an era that saw the introduction of the IPhone and iOS and Android mobile operating systems and they easily use the latest mobile apps which have become a multi-billion dollar, fast evolving industry. Mobile devices are growing into a worldwide Net and internet of connected things/devices/’smart’ homes/offices/cars, an IoT that’s expanding to every spot on the globe.

This year the numbers show more mobile phones on planet earth than humans on our planet

”Our 360° world is connecting and moving forward with mobile energy and vision”

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Social apps are multiplying and time spent with apps and the mobile internet is growing in every country with startling speed, whether big cities or distant lands.

If we look at the population on Facebook, it is now larger than the largest country and mobile is in the billions of message per day… Google apps, and Yahoo, Twitter and Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Secret, Tumblr, LinkedIn, TapTalk, Pinterest, the app list goes on and on…

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Digital ‘Natives’


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A World that Revolves Around a Smart Phone!

Things the smartphone has replaced_app time

”Smartphone? Second Nature!”

mobile connections by device_2015

Social Media? Everywhere!

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We’re Here ! Digital Native Time !!