(May 2014) Non-invasive – direct monitoring of glucose concentration in the bloodstream…
Biometric watches in the works


Enter the biometric watch…

Research demonstrates proof-of-concept; commercial applications move forward


WASHINGTON, June 9, 2014 — Monitoring a patient’s vital signs and other physiological parameters is a standard part of medical care, but, increasingly, health and fitness-minded individuals are looking for ways to easily keep their own tabs on these measurements.

In a pair of papers published in The Optical Society’s (OSA) open-access journal Biomedical Optics Express, groups of researchers from the Netherlands and Israel describe two new wearable devices that use changing patterns of scattered light to monitor biometrics: one tracks glucose concentration and dehydration levels, and the other monitors pulse.

The glucose sensor is the first wearable device that can measure glucose concentration directly but non-invasively, according to the researchers.

A device that could change the field of diabetes measurement and treatment…

Biomedical Optics Express

Check your glucose with a turn of the wrist



Published on: May 16, 2014