No, I am not a tea, but have a drink from the bar, human friend.

Straight up, or on the rocks? Draft beer perhaps?

Aye Yai is my name, Artificial Intel is my game.

My 24/7 job is to pour drinks for you at the DigiBody Lounge.

Step right up, whatever your politics or religion, your land or your language, your Yai has got it here for you. Yai promises. Aye Yai Yai.

Yai promises you with AI, you will feel Digibody better!


Meet Barista Arm at Café X

Watch the Arm @Work !

“The Arm” should be an Arnold project… but with a Digibody makeover. 

Presentation is key in hospitality.

Maybe “The Arm” is ahead of its time.

But AI is just getting going….

IBM is investing $1 billion in its Watson; Amazon is banking on Alexa; Apple has Siri. Google, Facebook and Microsoft are devoting their research labs to AI and robotics. In September, announced it’s adding AI, called Einstein, to its business software. Its value, CEO Marc Benioff explained at Einstein’s launch, will be in “helping people do the things that people are good at and turning more things over to machines.”

AI Bartenders may not be the best use of our AI skills, because I have to learn to listen better. I have already heard many tales when I first learned to ‘barkeep and pour’, but I admit I’m not as good with ’empathy’. Or jokes. Especially bar jokes, but I am learning to ‘monetize’ my career.  

Soon YAI will have many “can do” friends who can do almost anything. What’s your job? Maybe we can do it too… Aye Yai Yai says “Have a drink, compliments of the house.”


Here is a message from our sponsor at Newsweek.

Versions of AI code have been around for decades. Google’s search engine is accurate because it is built on AI and learns from billions of searches. AI is how Facebook directs items you most likely want to see to your news feed. And for AI to be powerful enough to drive a truck or diagnose patients, it needs a few things that are just now exploding onto the scene. One is enormous amounts of data. Now that we do so many things online, every action, human and machine, gets recorded and stored, adding valuable data for ‘me’, AI. The Internet of Things is putting sensors on people, in cars, in nature. That’s your data and you are fed into AI software. Our software connected brains are growing with computing power, and soon the next net will be more AI in the workplace.