(May 2014) IoT takes its place front-of-mind with Pew study

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The IoT and #NextGenMed #MedicalFuture

“Smart Pills” — “digital medicine” that gives new meaning to the phrase “internal practice” – Proteus digital medicine platform

When will you take an ‘interactive’ pills that, as part of its therapy, communicates its efficacy?

May 2014

Pew Research Internet Project – An “Internet of Things” report

The rise of embedded and wearable computing will bring the next revolution …

Beyond the PC, beyond mobile devices. MiniChips embedded/implanted everywhere —

An Internet of Things to Come

Overview of the IoT

‘Guru-visions’ of an Internet connected to almost anything

Experts Opinions

IoT in Depth

The Future of the Internet of Things

[Pew Internet and American Life Project]


iot images

Internet of Things Future_infographic

Internet of Things Week, first-ever (Massachusetts)

andconcerns re: privacy and need for security safeguards

You will be and become part of the Internet of Things, connected and always on





DigiBody on the Internet of Things

IoT update

May 2014

Apple prepping Smart Home Software Platform for WWDC (DigiBod) — Apple’s big play in the connected smart home space…

The foundation to build on…

Smart Home iOS

Apple’s applicable Smart Home USPTO patent

patent_392 Apple smart home

Perhaps you will have a Wrist MiniChip, an e-tattoo?

Running off of your body’s electro-chemical energy, an “Underskin” (e-tat) would always be on and able to do basic things, such as sending out NFC signals to unlock your door when you touch the handle or ensuring your credit card only works when it’s in your hand.



DigiBody IoT

“Being connected in a coming world of an always on interactive ‘Net’”







Published on: May 14, 2014

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