Do you know what I am? 

InterPlaNet Connection

Solar System Internet (SSI)?

Software Applications using Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) Protocols

Maybe a simple Interplanetary Internet!

Not Kubrick in 2001 — Musk in 2015

Musk opens techdev in Seattle

SpaceX announcement of plans to develop a global Internet Satellite Network…

Humanity from digi nanoscale to digi beyond Earth (DBE!)

Do you have what it takes to go beyond Earth?

Interplanetary ‘crowdsourcing’ with NASA

Build a NASA App perchance?

An Astronaut Smartwatch app will be used for some of the following applications:

  1. Crew Timeline: Displays an agenda view of the space visit timeline as well as a way to easily navigate to another day in the past or future.
  2. Caution and Warnings: Displays color-coded cautions and warnings that will inform astronauts of what systems need attention and when.
  3. Communication Status: Displays whether or not the International Space Station is currently able to communicate with the ground through either voice or video.
  4. Timers: Sets timers for procedures or until the next activity. This general design should direct attention to the appropriate information for a task and increase efficiency.
  5. Provide appropriate feedback for actions: Must appear legible on the smaller Samsung Gear screen — innovative representations of data displayed on a Smartwatch is highly encouraged.


DigiBody in Space