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Everyday, whoever we are, we go onto a field and perform.

Whether famous or anonymous, we work to meet our commitments, our aspirations, our business goals. All of us are players.

And as we perform and play, our performance ‘metrics’ can be guides to improvement. The Digital Health/Fitness/Sports era is here, today, and it’s up to each of us to take best advantage of what’s available.

DigiBody is looking forward and sharing highlights we discover.

Join us and join in with a personal revolution.


What does “DigiBody” refer to?

We created the term to refer to the use of digital, interactive systems to extend and enhance our human capabilities.

Is DigiBody an online magazine?

Yep, we are in the start-up phase of reporting and writing about a fascinating new start-up market.

Do you provide market information beyond the DigiBody website?

Yes, we provide two types of information: Public and Private.

Our public side provides snapshots of companies at the DigiBody site, news and developments we find as we work day-to-day in the many fields we cover. Enjoy the stories and the scoops, the tips and the hints. Look further if any story catches your interest. Pursue and discover.

Our private side pursues stories in depth and provides additional research on request.

Again, we live in fascinating times. Your editor formerly was a top tech advisor to the Gov of New Mexico and on occasion recalls how an obscure government agency was tasked with a contract to create a “command and control” communication systems at Sandia and Los Alamos national labs, and California’s Livermore lab and UCLA to send data securely for the Defense Department. Little did these research engineers know that the system would become ‘the Internet’. Why did Bill Gates moves to Albuquerque to set up his new software Microsoft company? Hmmm. Origin stories are always revealing and today’s Internet is a amazing revelation of R&D with ROI beyond the original research development team’s wildest dreams.

So it goes with new creative ideas in the amazing fields of digital + human imagination.

Give us an example of what market information you can provide

We see ourselves like a Rock Health in a way. We’re not in San Francisco or the Silicon Valley as they are and we do not have a business model like theirs, but we do see the world of digital health as our first interest and we follow many of the developments in the field.

Here’s a recent Rock report — it gives an example of publicly available info that is worth perusing carefully.

Q1 update: Unlike tech, 2016 digital health funding on record pace again

  • If you spent the first three months of 2016 listening to chatter within the tech industry, you may have heard that the market is experiencing a correction (or downturn), valuations are crashing, and VCs are doling out dollars with more caution. While some of that may be true, our data shows that digital health funding is actually experiencing an uptick with 13% TTM growth and almost 50% YoY growth.

In August 2015, we visited Rock:

Java Printing
Venture funding of digital health companies surpassed $4B in 2014, nearly equivalent to the prior three years (2011-2013) combined

Digital Health Funding 

In January 2105, we posted a bit about some of the online sources we follow:

Java Printing

Wearable Tech Venture Capital

WSJ wearable tech

VentureBeat wearable tech

c/net wearable tech update


Lux Research

Mobile Health Devices Market Zooming Toward $41B by 2023

Business Insider

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

When you talk about ‘smart’ lifestyles, what do you mean? Of course we all want to be smart, but what makes for a smart in quotes lifestyle?

We use the term to refer to what we see as a Digi+ value-add.

The addition of appropriate technology (another key phrase with meaning), in our case, the addition of ‘wearable technology’ and ‘nextgen medical devices and systems’, the addition of connected interactive digital networks to homes, offices, cars and more are all instances of ‘smart’ lifestyles in action.

The efficiencies and extensions/add-ons of digital act to enhance our lives.

Digitally enabled contact lenses can be smart add-ons to the human body to correct and extend vision. New developments in optics are even referred to as “Supervision” ala Hollywood characters who are now entering the real world.


Welcome to imagination meets the real world!