September 5th — Announcement soon !

… the long-rumored “iWatch“… 10 a.m. [PDT] Tuesday… September 9th…

the first ‘brand-new’ Apple product in the Timothy D. Cook era

iWatch coming soon

May 2014-Updated July 2014

Prepping for launch of


(Updated) Watch me transform the #WearableTech world

June 2014

Apple iWatch Updates

Multiple iWatch designs and sensors


Wearable tech futures

Up to 3 million units predicted by Fall 2014 (China Times)

With integrated battery charging with wireless charging coils said to be offered — you can set your #iWatch on a charging unit and voila

Previous smartwatch technology has been limited by recharge requirements. Apple is aiming at iWatch battery life up to five days…



Published on: May 1, 2014