With tech dev to nudge Google — meet Lumiode


Even as Google Glass wear has gone nowhere as of yet, the smart glasses concept carries on…

Initial-phase Glass evangelists like Scobleizer are singing a different tune.

Robert Scoble demo’ing Google Glass in the shower (before he changed his tune)

Even as G-Glass has failed to find a market, the concept of smart glasses continues on…

Let take a quick look at new technology that can be added to ‘normal’ glasses and/or many versions of eye-wear and accessories.

Let’s project Lumiode and it’s high resolution data– picture a projection on your glasses, or windshield, or glass patio door, or glass desk, or snow goggles, or snorkle/scuba mask, or bike helmet visor, or sports helmet of your choice — rip up the road on your motorcycle with a helmet like Skully — picture enhancing your field of vision with Skully, “augmented reality on two wheels”, data rolling with you, visualize…



Lumiode offers the possibility of high rez LED micro-displays projected onto transparent medium, like your glasses, without the obtrusive Google look.


Smart glasses and smarter eyes are not just for geeks!

smart glasses

Switch Gears

Perhaps Skully is how you roll?



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December 2014