Report from the Frontlines

As readers of DigiBody may have discovered over the past several years, our focus on digital health has a beginning point. #DigiHealth, as we think of this fast developing medical-health-technology nexus, began in a very personal way for your editor.

One morning, awakening to severe back pains, I went immediately to ER, choosing the hospital in our urban area with one thought in mind — this is serious and with this in mind I chose to race to the hospital where my daughter was born. I had a strong feeling that if I became unconscious that in my unconscious state I would know, somehow, that my daughter needed me since she was very young and we are very close.

It turned out that this forethought was life-saving as it turned out. I went critical, wasn’t expected to survive, and I learned in a very real way about “NDE” experiences and the life-saving role of digital devices.

After getting out of ICU, I learned I was now “biomechanically” improved with a formidable coil. So call me “Me cyborg”. I have stainless steel Z physio-structural aides. My physiological functioning is enhanced.

I was released from the hospital a new man and so began my after-NDE experiences. For the first time in my life I had health changes I had to deal with, beginning with the simple packet of patient discharge instructions.

What I almost instantly realized is that I needed a way to monitor my *vital signs* so as to have a baseline of personal health *biometrics*.

As I had formerly been president of a large interactive digital company, I knew how important metrics can be in order to make informed, intelligent judgments and now it was time to apply my professional knowledge to my own life.

Yet there were no instant solutions to apply five years ago.

No wrist band with capabilities to monitor my blood pressure and an app to collect these metric, send them and interact with my primary care physician.

No range of consumer choices.

So I started writing and advocating about a coming digital revolution in health care.

Now, the digital health revolutions is happening.

To be a patient at the front of this health revolution is quite a ride.

DigiHealth, DigiFitness, DigiBody,  learning and sharing experiences as I go.

The health revolution is now going global and your editor is along for a ride.

Join in the new health world, take a look around, be an ‘early adopter, be a trendsetter!

Healthy choices can begin by taking measurements of your vital signs.

Or as NASA engineers say about complex systems — “you can only manage what you can measure”. So start by measuring your system and then use your information to take better care of your self.

You are the primary manager of your life!