(Updated November 2014) The third CEO of Microsoft highlights an upcoming battle that will be waged with mobile/cloud connectivity

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Update Nov 2014Microsoft shocker: Open-source .NET, free Visual Studio, support for Linux, Mac, Android and iOS

In a major strategy change designed to expand its horizons in the cloud, Microsoft will take its key software development technologies into areas that the company has long considered enemy territory — giving developers new ways to use .NET and Visual Studio to make software not just for Windows but also for Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

Nov 13 – Inside Look via Business Insider

Update / Microsoft Profits Slide on Mobile, but Cloud Flourishes

Update / Microsoft to cut 18k jobs and focus on new net, mobile and cloud

CEO Nadella’s marching orders – Microsoft will pursue a “mobile-first, cloud-first” strategy at the core of everything Microsoft approaches… the Internet beyond the PC — a widening Microsoft v Google war. In July, Nadella pushes the new mission statement here, here and here.

The investment community finds many voices are in agreement.

New CEO Satya Nadella Needs to Make Microsoft More Like Google

>Nadella, as the head of Microsoft’s cloud computing strategy and data center software, has first-hand experience

When it comes to envisioning and delivering the future, Google is clearly the company people now seem to turn to most.

Of all the questions that Satya Nadella Microsoft’s new chief executive officer will face, the most pressing one may well revolve around deciding whether or not Microsoft still wants to be an arbiter of technology… and while looking out at next generation innovations there is a second, immediate question — what to do with Microsoft OS 8 and 8.1

Nadella is turning to the Cloud and to the mobile future. The ‘old’ issues with PC software upgrades are no longer, obviously, top of mind.

The memo is on every Microsoft executive’s computer.

The Microsoft strategy going forward is the cloud for everyone on every device — a mobile-first, cloud-first reality is the new Microsoft.

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          ‘3iD’ – the ‘third industrial revolution’ 
The Cloud has potential to be both disruptive and transformative as it democratizes the product lifecycle – MJSkok

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Originally Published: Feb 4, 2014