oh yeah

Dog (Dawg) v Cat (Miss Who), a Battle for the Ages!

Round One, Frisbee Competition

Rule: Wearable tech is allowed.

Dawg frantically rewrites the code for this app to turn it into a Frisbee Tracker

ShotTracker Wearable Coach Tracker (vid)


Miss Who yawns and watches Mr. Dawg wasting energy, commenting “what’s with the stupid round thing” and new “special, beep beep” collar, “like who cares…. boring”

Round one goes to Dawg.


Round Two, Q & A

Question: If you were accidentally lost, could you find your way home?

Dawg: Of course I could. I got on a Whistle. If I got lost, I’ll get found. Just like that. Whatta you got kitty cat?

Miss Who: Big guy, don’t sweat it. My humans bought me a Loc8tor… after I climbed off our balcony after the squirrel and went over to the green jungle after the birds, then stalked that stupid old Tom that’s been prowling out back, and then….

Dawg: OK, OK, I got it, you went missin’ then were  ‘low-catted’… catted. Get it?

Miss Who: Got it. Just like you, Mr. Dawg. They found us and got us.

Dawg: Right

Round two, per the judges, is a tie. Both were lost, both were found (though they didn’t find their way home without a little ‘digihelp’.)



Round Three, Whose Human is More With It

Question: Ok Miss Who, you are fashionably forward with your Loc8tor and Mr. Dawg, it’s impressive that you know how to code and hack your apps, but here’s the deal — are your humans with it, do they have smart phones and homes and the latest wearable tech? Ready for a lightning round of questions?

Miss Who: I’m not playing.

Dawg: Me neither, we don’t like lightning.

[break to listen to pets]

So, while we attempt to convince and cajole our pet friends to play along, ask yourselves, what is your Digi-readiness, are you using wearable tech? Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Here, answer these two questions, do you believe in the Apple Watch as the hub of a smart digital platform, from health to home?

Do you know the WatchKit was just launched? Developers are now fast @work on all things Internet-Apple Watch connected



and, one more, do these #s work for you, would you invest?

Wearable projections_Gartner



And hey doggie, don’t get LOST after the Competition !


Can you find me if I keep running and get lost?




Once I was lost and now I am found, GPS-wise


FindIt and

the Tile app


Tile It [Wired]




Lost & Found devices & apps


and Microchipping for pets too