(Feb 2014) Mobile applications used with smartphones promise profound change in treatment

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Diabetes has become a global epidemic with significant impact on society and economies. Last year (2013) 382M people around the world were estimated to suffer from diabetes. By 2035, the number of people with diabetes is expected to reach 592M (IDF Diabetes Atlas, 6th edition). Mobile apps to support diabetes patients are currently used by 1.2% of the targeted diabetes population (2013). Market use will grow to 7.8% by 2018…

$1 out of every $5 spent on healthcare in the U.S. is for treating diabetes or $245 billion per year, according to the American Diabetes Assoc. Diabetes News – More from Harold Hamm group – RWJF Reports

Mobile applications promise to play an invaluable role in assisting people who suffer from diabetes, empowering mobile app users to better manage their condition and as a consequence reduce healthcare costs. Mobile apps aid in the daily management of diabetes by supporting behavior changes, assisting in communication, and keeping track of all relevant data.

Diabetes apps statistics – projections

Diabetes app market – 2014

Prediction: 24 million will use diabetes apps by 2018
By Jonah Comstock / MobiHealthNews
March 24, 2014

Health and fitness app app maker Azumio currently leads the diabetes app market with 17.8 percent market share, according to a new report from Research2Guidance. The company tracked iOS and Android downloads of more than 1,000 diabetes apps between 2008 and 2013 with the help of Priori Data, a Berlin-based company that collects publicly available metadata on apps.

According to Research2Guidance’s annual survey, 76 percent of mobile health app publishers see diabetes as the therapeutic area with the highest business potential for mobile health. Currently only 1.2 percent of people with diabetes who own a smartphone or tablet use apps to manage their condition, the latest report found. Research2Guidance predicts this will increase to 7.8 percent, or 24 million people, by 2018.


January 30, 2014

Shaq steps up with advice for diabetes
Shaquille O’Neal


I am personally invested in helping to support programs to reduce chronic disease around the world. My father recently passed away from complications relating to diabetes, underscoring the need for more programs that enable patients to better manage chronic diseases… Diabetes alone affects more than 347 million people worldwide and a 2011 study predicted it would be the seventh leading cause of death by 2013.

I see a huge opportunity here to educate patients with a chronic disease, particularly those who have or may develop type 2 diabetes, about the amazing innovations entering the market today to help them manage their disease and reduce the risk of serious complications.

In the past, people had to rely on physicians for check-ups, diagnosis and general health tips, and their experience with their health system was usually time-consuming, inconvenient and costly. But all of this is changing. Fast.

Consumers can now monitor their health and fitness, better manage their chronic diseases or avoid them altogether, and receive highly personalized health advice using digital health solutions. I have been using a FitBit, a connected activity monitor, to manage my fitness levels and am finding motivation in the real-time data I can collect on my movement—or lack thereof! Not only can mobile health technologies be engaging, social and easy-to incorporate into your everyday lifestyle, but using them for health monitoring will actually save between $1.96 billion and $5.83 billion in health-care costs worldwide by 2014.

Over the course of my NBA career, the one thing I learned above all others is that it takes a team effort to beat the odds and win big. I urge you to get in the game with me and become involved where you can, whether it’s in your own family, in your community or in your work environment; let’s work to empower consumers to win big by proactively managing their health…


Overview of Highly Rated Diabetes Apps

OneTouch –  Highly recommended brand by diabetes educators and endocrinologists

iPhone app @YouTube – Veriosync


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Diabetik, a Kickstarter ‘open source’ project that is described as ‘smart’ — “a system that monitors your medication habits, Diabetik knows which medication you’re most likely to be taking at any given moment. It’s the first diabetes application that not only listens, but also learns from you.”

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Published on: Feb 2, 2014