Taptic Touch User Interface & the Apple Watch

Prediction —

The Apple Watch will— literally—be the feel-good product of the year because of Apple’s integrated user interface that combines amazing touch capabilities with sound, high-definition visuals and unique tactical experiences….Apple’s Haptic Tech Makes Way for Tomorrow’s Touchable User Interfaces — Taptic keypads, smartphones, a nextgen of UI connections…
The Apple Watch will shape the wearables market not because of what it can do, but how. Its superiority lies not in which tasks can be accomplished, but its impact on human psychology. User interface elements working together will provide the constant minor thrill that will make the Apple Watch compelling. But the star of the symphony will be Apple’s so called Taptic Engine, which buzzes to let you know something is happening as well as a high-definition haptics chip which drives a linear actuator that provides subtle, high-speed vibrations that the watch uses to prompt users.


Touch & Tap, Share Taps, Tap to communicate, Tap to care

 Macworld Taptic Engine
Unlike other devices, Apple’s Taptics feature enables a new form of communication. You can send your heartbeat to someone and they will feel it on their wrist. 

And beyond touch is “pay”… the Apple Watch supports Apple Pay. After a transaction is complete, the Taptics engine, combined with a specific sound, confirms it. Instead of the cashier telling you the payment is done, you tell the cashier.

You might not “need” an Apple Watch, but as time goes by don’t be surprised if you begin wanting, really wanting, an Apple Watch so that you too can touch, be touched and be reminded…

It’s time to work out ! It’s time to check your health data ! The Apple Watch is also a Fitness and Health/HealthKit device (see our DigiBody Apple Watch stories listed below.) The range of apps in development are unprecedented… and personal health connections are at the top of the Apple business plan for the Apple watch and body-devices of the future.

Apple’s Watch is a “wrist hub” for far more than telling time — the wrist ‘watch’ is a platform for a connected life.

The Apple Watch launch this week is just the beginning of a long run (but work on that battery life, Apple, ok?)










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and Apple Watch’s Connection to Personal Health & Fitness

Tim Cook / May 2016: Via MedCity

“…the holy grail of the watch is being able to monitor more and more of what’s going on in the body… It’s not technologically possible to do it today to the extent that we can imagine, but it will be.”

“The things that interest us the most are things where we can bring our ability to integrate hardware, software, services into something that’s magical, and enriches people in some way. If you look at some of the things that do not drive revenue, but have massive interest in them from our teams, health is very much one of those… We’ve done some things with the Apple Watch to encourage activity, but we’ve also gotten interested in research, and launched ResearchKit.”

“We believe that health is something that is a huge problem in the world, and we think it is ripe for simplicity and a new view, and we’d like to contribute to that.”





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