“This is the biggest shake-up in the history of medicine.”
~ Dr. Eric Topol ~

Who is Dr. Topol and why is he saying this?

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Dr. Eric Topol [wikipedia/Topol]

Dr. Topol is welcomed to the Colbert Show to explain the heart of the Doctor’s new book —

“Mobile technology has transformed our lives, and personal genomics is revolutionizing biology. Now the availability of technologies can provide wireless, personalized health care at lower cost, but the medical community is slow to change. Eric Topol — one of the nation’s top physicians — calls for consumer activism to demand innovation and the democratization of medical care. His book is the definitive account of the coming ‘disruption’ of medicine, written by the field’s leading voice.”

May 2014 – Health @home, going mainstream – Consumer Reports update from Dr. Topol

April 2014 – Dr. Topol address the top targets for mobile health

March 2014 – Dr. Topol on extraordinary data available now

Dr. Topol on #NextGenMed practices

Ripples across traditional medicine

March 2014 #mHealth central — Scripps Health launches Wired for Health, a large-scale study designed to explore the intersection of wireless technologies, healthcare and social networks. This comes roughly one week after neighboring Palomar Health and Qualcomm Life launched Glassomics to explore the mHealth potential of Google Glass.

“We are excited to embark on one of the first robust, cross-industry studies using multiple mobile medical sensors to determine whether we can lower healthcare costs and resource consumption through wireless health technology,” said Eric Topol, MD, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) and chief academic officer of the four-hospital Scripps Health system.

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“As much as some cardiologists might dislike the idea (and even resist it), two new studies indicate that digital data — and the patient’s access to it — are contributing to a new era in healthcare in which transparency contributes to better outcomes.”



Self-monitoring using smartphones, apps and connecting with your doctor in real-time with real data from wherever you are is a #NextGenMed future-to-be

Digital Medicine, mobile access, connectivity… a revolution in medicine in-the-making

Remote monitoring of med condition



How Digital Medicine Will Soon Save Your Life

By Robin Cook and Eric Topol
Feb. 21, 2014 – Wall St Journal [subscription]

A sweeping transformation of medicine has begun that will rival in importance the introduction of anesthesia or the discovery of the germ basis of infectious disease. It will change how patients and physicians interact. It will change medical research and therapy. “Sick care”—the current model of waiting for you to get sick and then trying to alleviate symptoms and make you well—will become true “health care,” where prevention is the mantra and driving force.

Welcome to a world of digital medicine

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Published on: Apr 30, 2014