(Sept 2014) It’s here!  The first ‘brand-new’ Apple product in the Timothy D. Cook era

Why isn’t it called an iWatch?

apple watch

The digital health-connection / HealthKit link-up will be key to long-term success…

The Health connection is the story that needs to break out from the headlines/ledes

Here’s the Apple Watch features and trailer vidIt’s good, almost like the old days with Steve

September 9, 2014

Timothy D. Cook walks on stage with waves ‘n smiles …

Here’s a great live report of Tim’s pitch & presentation from a friend Xeni of Boing Boing

TDC walks on stage_Sept 9, 2014

Why was Tim so happy?

Could it be new breakthroughs?

The Apple Watch with “Taptic Engine” …

Haptic taptic engine

Haptic ‘taptic’ / Haptic tech is a #NextGenTech connection.

Touch, tap and connect… Tap and message.

Tap for directions… Tap, tap, what’s up?

Haptic validated – SeekingAlpha

Apple’s taptic, invest now in haptic

Notifications on your wrist that the user will feel and hear. Apple Watch will allow users to virtually “tap” each other remotely and the device’s vibrator is specific enough to provide directional turn-by-turn guidance. PCMag chimes in that this is “the one” reason to buy Watch.

Apple’s future now include a haptic turn

Tim speaks of the future on the Charlie Rose show


Days before the announcement…

iPhone 6 & iWatch — Apple rumors
The iPhone 6 is just a few days away from Apple’s unveiling at the Flint Center in Cupertino. Ditto: the iWatch. While the company is officially mum, behind the curtain it’s leaking like a sieve.

9 things to expect from Apple’s iWatch
The Verge
It feels like there have been iWatch rumors going back basically forever, but the strange thing is that they really only kicked off about a year and a half ago. Stranger yet: we still don’t have a perfectly clear picture of what Apple’s built.

NEW iWATCH DETAILS – Flexible Display, Wireless Charging, And A Processor
Business Insider
In terms of software, the iWatch will integrate heavily with new features Apple introduced in iOS 8. This includes HealthKit, which is Apple’s new platform for storing health data. Handoff, the feature that makes it easier for different Apple devices to communicate …

Snapshot – Top 50 of 5000+ News Items on Apple’s Announcement

The Big Reveal… Apple Watch, the beginning of Apple Wearables, Wearable Tech

An ubiquitous Internet of Things, Connectivity, Mobile, mHealth, Smart Homes…