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Apple – How Wearable Tech Will Change Your Life

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The Apple Watch, as DigiBody considers it, is at core a ‘wrist link’, a ‘digital companion’ in a connected system, an IoT world — and in the Internet of Things world the micro-chips, networks, hubs and apps are on the way. The Apple HomeKit and your connected smart home is a taste of what Apple has in store for you… when you walk in the front door, your ‘smart’ refrigerator will know — and it (or whatever name and gender you choose) will ping and ‘taptically’ touch to ask if you brought home fresh fruit because your Apple Watch sent it an update, logged from your Watch’s array of biometric sensors, that your weight is up and that fitness program you signed up for has scheduled you to eat veggies for din din.  Your friendly refrigerator has verified the veggies are in the produce drawer and ready for you to take out and eat… and if you don’t take out the veggies, your refrigerator ‘friend’ will know.

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Or take a look at this short tale from Vala Afshar about Stacey to get an idea about wearables and connectivity and your soon-to-be (if you choose) lifestyle…

Responding to her Friday morning alarm, Stacey gets out of bed. Simultaneously, items throughout her house begin preparing for the day. Although it is cloudy outside, the interior is lighted with tones of a beautiful sunrise, per Stacey’s personalized lighting scheme. The water heater makes sure the shower will be to her preference. When she enters the bathroom, her motion starts coffee brewing and breakfast cooking in the microwave.

As Stacey eats breakfast, her caloric intake is monitored. The morning headlines and stories are projected onto the wall next to the table. A green indicator says every device in the house is working perfectly, although she would have been notified before anything had come close to malfunctioning, and a repair order would have been automatically issued. The display lets her know that her trip to work today will take 37 minutes via an alternate route due to heavier than normal traffic on her usual route.

Before she leaves, Stacey thinks about dinner. The display says she should have the chicken tonight or it may spoil. Her phone beeps and tells her that the grill needs a propane tank refill. She hits “auto” to arrange the soonest possible refill delivery based on when her schedule indicates she will be home and able meet the delivery.

Stacey gets in her car which has already been brought to her ideal interior temperature. The car automatically exits her driveway, at the first available gap in traffic.

According to the car’s display, her trip today will cost more than usual due to the congestion toll on the alternate route. She realizes she could have avoided the extra toll by leaving a little earlier.

When Stacey arrives at work, she glances at her large office display and sees that all plant processes are functioning normally. The display reminds her of the SETI project, but instead of searching for intelligent life in the universe, the programs running behind the scenes are analyzing and displaying rivers of data generated throughout the plant to discover any anomalies, unusual resource needs, overages, or special opportunities.

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Published: September 9, 2014