(July 2013) Health tracking is, well, healthy —
How’re your metrics?

The year 2000 signaled much more than a new millenium. The advent of the Internet and World Wide Web, followed by the creation of small connected devices, #smartphones and mini-computers of all sizes and shapes, brought with it opportunities to connect whenever, wherever and however you wanted. The new digital world is fast expand in the world of health and fitness. We’re now beginning a health ‘revolution’ as we get digital and ‘personalized’…

The data, the reporting of results, metrics that enable more informed and intelligent decisions are becoming the metier, an SOP, a standard operating procedure, from home to business and everything in-between.

Let’s look at some of the top trends in digital fitness, as paying attention to our physical performance is a beginning point to personal achievement.

Digifitness trends for 2014

Top 8 Fitness Trends

Quantified self

More ‘Quanting




Published on: Jul 23, 2013

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