No more poking people relentlessly

Scan My Vein/AccuVein

There is hardly any adult in the developed world who has never been the subject of a blood draw. The easiest way to access medical information about a patient is through a blood test. There are 9 billion blood draws per year in the United States aloneĀ and blood tests inform over 70 percent of medical decisions.


VeinViewer uses an infra-red camera to highlight blood and then projects the image onto the skin. This way, nurses and physicians can find veins easily and avoid that unpleasant multiple needle stick problem that we health care users dislike so much.

“It’s non-invasive, no heat is involved and there is no direct patient contact. Kids like it because they think it’s cool.

Parents like it because they know the procedure is not psychologically or physically stressful.

Healthcare professionals like it because it provides an accurate target in real-time fashion.”

Fans of writer Michael Crichton will recognize the automatic vein finder from his 1969 novel The Andromeda Strain. Crichton was a medical doctor.

DigiBody’s editor was a friend of the Crichton family and can attest to Michael’s ability to look into the future and imagine future science both helpful — and famously dangerous (a super T Rex is coming soon to the Jurassic World)