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Let’s take a look at their point of view on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset/headmount and extensions are announced formally after great anticipation.

The following is courtesy of R/GA’s FutureVision site:

Living in Virtual Reality
  • The Rift Is Ready: The consumer version of Oculus Rift has finally been revealed. Essentially, it is a sleeker version of what we have already seen, with the addition of built-in headphones. So what else is new? For one, the company formed a partnership with Microsoft to include an XBox One controller with every headset when it goes on sale next year. This will allow users to stream XBox One games to the Rift. While this will be helpful for more traditional types of input, Oculus also developed its own controllers, which are worn on the hands, enabling people to “see” their hands and manipulate virtual objects.
  • Dawn of Virtual Reality: Ok, with a consumer version of Oculus officially on its way, virtual reality is about to get real big, real quick. Need a quick refresher on how we got here and what to expect? This article puts virtual reality into perspective and explains how we will move beyond games and entertainment.
  • Innovative Uses of VR: One of virtual reality’s first use cases came from the military, putting soldiers through high-stress simulations. Similarly, healthcare professionals have been able help patients get over anxiety disorders and phobias. As the technology becomes more widely available (see above), we’re seeing even more innovative use cases. This week, the Dallas Cowboys announced they will use VR to train their quarterbacks. Players wearing the VR headset watch a live 360-degree scrimmage recorded from fellow players’ helmets on the field. The VR technology will be beneficial to all players, but especially to backups, as it gives them a taste of live game play. Mentally preparing for a physical activity through visualization activities can be tremendously helpful for athletes…

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