Dr. Grossman, trauma surgeon & tech medicine innovator, looks at the future of next generation medicine:

VR & Beyond- This Technology Will indeed Spin the World


Singularity Exponential Medicine Conference Chair Daniel Kraft, MD

Healthcare is in many ways being practiced as it has been for millennium, as ‘SickCare’ — using old, reactive models and mindsets where the FAX machine is the primary mode of sending patient information, where data is still silo’d amongst paper charts or rudimentary EMRS, and where feedback loops between clinician and patient are broken or limited.

We are living however in an fast moving, exponential age, where the convergence of rapidly developing technologies are enabling vast new capabilities that can radically improve and disrupt the future of health, prevention, and clinical practice, and address many of the grand challenges facing healthcare across the planet. It’s challenging to keep up with, understand, and incorporate the advancing technologies (3D printing, low-cost genomics, machine learning) becoming available.

In 2011 at Singularity University, where I chair the Medicine and Neuroscience track, we began an experiment; a novel program to ‘un-silo’ thinking and unleash cross-disciplinary innovation across healthcare. We brought together thought leaders and forward thinking clinicians and innovators in a mix of lectures, discussions, workshops, demos, and site visits, to explore, through the lens of fast moving technologies, the potential to reshape health and medicine .

Exponential Conference / November 5- 8, 2016

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